Here’s where it Started…

In August of 2021, I bought a Bachmann Whistle-Stop DCC starter Trainset on sale via Amazon on a whim. The set was just what I had hoped it would be— complete, easy to set up and simple to use. The locomotive was TINY even for N Scale but it ran great and using the Bachmann DCC controller, I could use the (limited) function keys to make the horn and bells work!

The rolling stock was pretty cool in my opinion, considering that Bmann rolling stock runs $25+ online and the set came with a boxcar, a tanker and a cute caboose.

I also bought the Bachmann Empire Builder DC Trainset on sale, in order to determine if DC or DCC was the best choice for me. The choice was clearly DCC, but the additional set had a cool (bigger!) DC loco and additional good-quality rolling stock (7 CARS!) to add to the collection. It also gave me an extra DC controller (or accessory power pack!) and extra EZ Track to make a BIG oval lol. All this fun was only costing around $500!

I bought a 8 foot plastic folding table (width 30 inches) at Walmart to set up my simple layout. I thought at first I would fold up the table and break down the track after every train-running session. Haha! I was enjoying running that tiny Bmann DCC loco SO MUCH that the table and its layout remained assembled and ready to run 24/7.

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