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My 4×8 SCENIC Layout:


Bachmann Empire Builder DC Set Loco

A couple people asked me some questions on my N Scale layout, so here’s an extended version of my first video with some more details.

Kato Elevated Viaduct and Bridges

I’m building my first N scale model train set. It’s still in progress but take a look how it’s going so far! (This is a shorter version of Episode #1, without the commentary.)

WS Risers and Kato Elevated Viaduct

More progress on my N Scale Train Layout, using Kato Unitrack, Woodland Scenics risers, Foamular 1-inch foam, Digitrax Zephyr command control. Super fun!

Kato EMD E7 with lighted mail car

Just some movement forward in putting up perimeter boards and building a double tunnel.

Beginning a tunnel in the corner

Hey Everybody! Tonight’s episode gives ya more details on my layout. Check it out!

Track on a riser

Hi Everybody! Just had a little thing to share tonight about how I’m handling the wires in the layout.

My roads

Tonight I talk about my choice for ready-made, N Scale roads for my train layout.

Modding Bachmann bridges for UniTrack

Just showing how I modded some Bachmann EZ Track blinking bridges so I could use ‘em on my Kato Unitrack layout.

My Kato EMD E7

I purchased these Kato EMD E7 A/B diesel locomotives a few weeks ago, and I want to show ya how they work on my N Scale layout! Featuring the New York Central 20th Century Limited 9+4 coach set, for 13 cars, let’s see how they run!

Bridges on track

Just a little update on the double-track tunnel and the last look before the track is removed for plastering.

Getting started on plastering my first N Scale Train Layout! It’s a 4×8 layout I’m building in my home, in a corner of a room. I’m following the Woodland Scenics Complete Guide to Model Scenery, following the directions (they have a great book that explains it all.) I’m using Kato Unitrack with 33 feeders (F64 feeders and Unijoiners), all from store-bought accessories so there’s been no soldering or complicated wiring. But after laying the SubTerrain with styrofoam, it’s time to plaster to make it a permanent N Scale DCC layout. Come see how I’m doing!

It’s finally plastered!! Take a look at my N Scale Train layout in progress, from pins and styrofoam to permanent plaster. Featuring the Woodland Scenics Terrain building system, with plaster cloth, Shaper Sheets and Shaper Sheet Plaster.

Hey everybody, I built a removable, double-tunnel mountain for my 4×8 N Scale train layout, using Shaper Sheets and Plaster Cloth from Woodland Scenics Terrain building system. Come check it out!

Here’s an episode giving an update on the un-glamorous yet very necessary steps to prep my 4×8 N Scale layout for painting.

FINALLY! Got the first round of paint on this layout, using Woodland Scenics Earth Colors. Come take a look!

Finally got the track back on and running smoothly! Come see my Kato Unitrack N Scale layout, featuring construction from products from Woodland Scenics. I’ll provide future updates on adding landscape, structures and lighting— but right now I’m gonna just focus on enjoying my trains on my layout. Thanks for watching!

Hey everybody! Come check out the lighting (in progress) of my 4×8 N Scale Train Layout, using the Woodland Scenics Just Plug Lighting System.

Hey everybody! Here’s an update on the layout, featuring more buildings and lights, including the Just Plug light system and the Kasa Smart LED wi-fi light strip #KL430. Take a look and thanks!!

Happy April! In this episode, I check out the Bachmann EMD GP40 N scale diesel, a DCC locomotive equipped with the SoundTraxx Econami sound decoder. My track is challenging for locomotives, so let’s see how it does!

Hey everyone! Here’s the “Project Complete” episode of my 4×8, N Scale Train Layout, featuring Kato Unitrack and Woodland Scenics construction and decorating products. It’s my last episode for a while as I enjoy my new layout! This run features the Kato EMD E7 New York Central 4008, 4022 with the NYC 20th Century Limited 9-car set and the Broadway Limited Imports Light Pacific 4-6-2, Reading Blue Mountain And Northern 425

Hey everybody! Just a quick video showing more detail on my tunnel with removable mountaintop. Episode #12 shows how I built the mountain part, and this episode shows more the underlying structure the mountain sits on. #woodlandscenics #madewithwoodland #modelingmountains

Hey Everybody! Just a quick 2-minute video, running the Kato N scale Milwaukee Road EMD FP7A/F7B in a treacherous thunderstorm! The passenger cars are the Kato Olympia Hiawatha set, but I only run 7 of the 9-car set because that’s what works best on my track: powered A and B units running in DCC consist to tackle 4% inclines and an elevated S-curve. Enjoy!

Hey Model Train Lovers! Here’s a Summer Update to my 4×8, N Scale model train layout, built with products from Woodland Scenics ( and using their “Complete Guide to Model Scenery” as a step-by-step guide. This video also features professional videography and editing from totemworlds ( so please check out their link and awesome talent! Thank you for all the support and keep those trains running! #madewithwoodland #woodlandscenics

Hey Everybody! Here’s my new trainset, the Kato Southern Pacific “Morning Daylight” N Scale Set. From (go there for more info!) The Coast Daylight was a passenger train run by the Southern Pacific Railroad between Los Angeles and San Francisco, California. The train ran on SP’s coast line tracks which was considered to be the most beautiful route of all their passenger trains. The passenger cars and locomotive were painted red, orange, and black. The colors were so striking against the California coastline that the train was often called the “Most Beautiful Train in the World”.

Hey Everybody! Running two of my favorite trains in 4K wide-angle (using Filmic Pro on my iPhone 11 Pro Max) for another perspective of my 4×8, N Scale Layout. Enjoy!

I’m running two of my favorite N scale locomotives on my 4×8 layout: Bachmann Class J 4-8-4 Norfolk and Western No. 602 Broadway Limited Imports Light Pacific 4-6-2 Reading and Northern No. 425 Beautiful DCC trains that run for hours on my track. Come take a look!

James’ N Scale Train Layout Project— Episode #27: Kato EMD SDP40F pair with 10 Maersk MAXI-I cars!

Hey Everybody! My Kato EMD SPD40F pair are beautiful locomotives that are pulling 10 Kato Gunderson MAXI-I Double Stack Cars. The sets come with 5 cars, and I got 2 sets. These cars are articulated to work as one long car (or two in this case) so while it’s a bit challenging to put together on the track, it’s well worth it to see how beautifully they move on the track. Those double-stack cars tho are tall! Enjoy! And please check out my website at for details on my layouts. #kato #nscale #maersk

It’s so fun to experiment with different ways of expressing my layout. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share! I’ve had a couple of my followers ask how things are going with my 4×8 Scenic Layout, and I want to say they’re going great! I run trains on it almost every day— the sound of the wheels on the track is soothing to me. So here’s a new loco, the Broadway Limited Paragon 4 Heavy Pacific 4-6-2. I have a couple BLI Paragon 4 engines in steam and diesel. They run really well, once broken in and warmed up. And their decoders are amazing, with documentation that’s like a text for learning about decoders. I’ll get into all that in future episodes featuring the performance track but for now, enjoy the show!

Hey Everybody! I’ve been really enjoying my 4×8 N scale train layout, and working on improving my ability to express stories on the track using video. For this sequence, I used footage shot with my GoPro 10 HERO and edited with Adobe Premiere. I’m also exploring my layout’s lighting, including the backlight LED strips (I use 2 x 8-footers) which shine on the blank wall behind my layout. Thanks for taking a look! This train: Broadway Limited Imports EMD F3A and F3B (this B unit is powered) Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (Aluminum w/ Black Nose Stripes) plus Kato Bethgon Coalporter 8-Car Set (Norfolk Southern– they matched lol)

Hey Everybody! Just another view of what I’m running on my 4×8, N Scale scenic train layout: Kato Chicago Burlington and Quincy EMD E5A Silver Streak Zephyr 6-Unit Set Broadway Limited Imports CB&Q EMD F3A and F3B with Mixed Freight

Hey Everybody! Here’s a streamlined compilation of the entire series of videos I’ve made featuring the building of my N Scale 4×8 Train Layout. It’s great to see it progress from concept to reality and I hope you enjoy it. Check out my website, for track plans and lots more video of my layouts. Thanks for checking it out!!

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