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My 3×8 “Performance Track” Layout:


Hey Everybody! I’m building an all-new, 3×8 N Scale Train Layout that I’m calling my Performance Track! There are quite a few things that I didn’t get to accomplish with my previous layout that I’ll be exploring with this new set of tracks. Come check it out! 😀

Hey Everybody! Here is my detailed SCARM track plan for my new 3×8, N Scale Train Layout, a Performance Track with fully replaceable components that allows me to run my trains in a different way than I can with my other train layout. I’m using everything I learned during that last process to make a track with different features, like reversing loops, tons of switches and 4 crossovers! I’m using mostly Kato Unitrack and accessories and I’ll show you how I plan to power 52x Kato Feeders (F62) using Kato’s 3-way connectors. I hope to create a track that’s fast and fun and really drives my locomotives to show me their full capabilities!! Layout plan features SCARM Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeler,

Hey Everybody! Here’s how I made the Foamular baseboard for my 3×8 N Scale Performance Track, using Foamular foam, heavy-duty glue and simple hand tools. I am a beginning modeler and I’m not an instructor, so proceed with your own projects safely and at your own risk. I’m just glad to show you what I did!

Hey Everybody, I’m finding the hot, dry days of Summer the perfect time to plaster the Foamular baseboard for my 3×8 N Scale model train layout. This box-style baseboard is just what I need for my layout! I’m using multiple layers of Woodland Scenics Plaster Cloth Sheets and Woodland Scenics Flex Paste to make a smooth, strong baseboard, all made with no power tools. Come see what I’ve done, and work safely in your own projects!

Hey Everybody!! Here’s how plastering my 3×8, N scale train layout baseboard is going, with Woodland Scenics Plaster Cloth Sheets over a glued Foamular structure— all supported by a 96 inch by 30 inch plastic table. Come check it out!

Hey Everybody!! Phase 1 of painting my train layout baseboard is priming it. I chose DecoArt Chalky Gesso as the undercoat; gesso is what painters use on canvasses to make them smooth and paintable. I’ll be using acrylics for color, so this Prime-coat of gesso is just what I need!

Hey Everybody! I’ve painted the baseboard for my 3×8 layout. It looks pretty good for my first try at a project like this— come check it out and thanks for your support!

Hey Everybody! Here’s my FINAL version of my 3×8, N scale DCC train layout made with Kato Unitrack with 4 separate mainlines, 2 reversing loops, 6 crossovers and 9 turnouts, almost 1,500 inches of track (125 feet!) in this episode I go into detail on how I plan to build the layout including how I’m wiring my dual reverse loops, feeder power for the track and accessory power for the crossovers/turnouts. Come check it out! #kato #unitrack #nscale

Hey Everybody! This episode features how I’m wiring 45 feeders for my N scale train layout, using Kato S62F feeders and UniJoiners with no soldering or custom wiring. I also created a custom 3-way connector box to help keep things organized under the layout table, so come take a look! #kato #nscale #unitrack

Hey Everybody! I’m adding two different reverse loop switch modules to my N Scale Performance Track, the Digitrax AR1 and the MRC AD520. Let’s see how these switches work! #digitrax #mrc

Hey Everybody! If you’ve been following the build of my Performance Track, you know my main objective in design is a perfect track that’s super easy to keep clean. This layered background of mountain silhouettes fits my needs, and was easy enough for a beginner like me to create. I used Woodland Scenics Styrofoam and DecoArt Americans acrylic paints so come check it out! THANKS for watching!

Hey Everybody! Here’s an update to the Performance Track. I decided to change out the Auto-reversing loop modules, added a little cosmetic piece and I’m running 3 trains to show it off. Come check it out!

Hey Everybody! I’ve just finished building my 3×8 N Scale “Performance Track” Train Layout, and I’m glad to share what I did! This project took me about 5 months to complete. It’s my second train layout; my goal in building this one was to do all the stuff I couldn’t do with my 4×8 Scenic N Scale Layout! I also wanted to build a layout that was perfectly flat and allowed me to run multiple long trains simultaneously. Another requirement was building a layout that’s easy to keep clean. This layout allows this! This 3×8 layout is semi-permanent. I chose not to glue the track or components down, in order to easily replace anything that wears out or breaks. The entire layout is built upon 3/16” closed cell foam rubber, which acts as a sound dampener/shock absorber and provides a durable padded surface that’s super easy to clean. The Performance Track isn’t right for everyone, but it’s perfect for me! Thanks for taking a look. If you’re interested, you can download the SCARM file and PDF track plan from my website,!

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