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James Tuverson
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Hi, I’m James. This website supports my YouTube Channel, “James’ N Scale Train Layout Project.” I’m a hobbyist N Scale train enthusiast living in San Diego, California. I recently built my first 4×8 feet train layout in my home. I documented the entire experience with video, and I’m doing the same with my second, 3×8 feet “Performance Track” layout! I’m also a amateur photographer and videographer so I have fun recording my layout and how I build it.

Check out my blog for details on my experiences in this wonderful hobby, or videos of the building process. The gallery/GIFs pages have some great shots/video of my layouts. I’m not an expert or an instructor, I’m just sharing what I’ve done to build my personal layouts. Feel free to also check out my Portfolio Website for details on other creative projects I’ve been involved in. Happy Trains to Everyone!

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My 4×8 Scenic N Scale Train Layout!
Here’s the 4×8 Scenic Layout in action!

My N Scale, 4×8 layout was recently chosen to be included on the SCARM (Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeller) website as an example track plan! It’s such an honor, please take a look here! Download my SCARM file here.

Watch the Scenic Track YouTube Build Videos HERE!


Please feel free to check around my site! If you like it and find it helpful, please consider a small donation to help me keep building and recording!


Coming Soon with Episode 8!

Watch the Performance Track YouTube Build Videos HERE

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