Train Layout Design with Woodland Scenics

It’s not real nature, but it sure looks like it

The answer to “Exactly HOW do I build a train layout?” is answered in two words: Woodland Scenics. I discovered this website early in the development of my train layout, thank goodness. Woodland Scenics makes products used to build train layouts. Sure, the products WS sells can be used for other creative purposes as well, but it’s pretty much a resource, complete with all the tools, products and training needed, for people to build train layouts.

Just spending a few minutes on the WS website shows you everything you need to build amazing, highly realistic scenic train layouts. Their website is masterfully organized. The shopping experience is efficient, intuitive and secure. Purchases over $100 have free shipping. The video section, featuring literally hundreds of professionally-produced product training videos that is unparalleled by any other company, is staggering in its scope and reference value. When answering the question how I, as a beginning modeler with no previous experience, could build a train layout such as I have in 6 months, that answer must include Woodland Scenics. Not only did Woodland Scenics have almost everything I needed to build my layout, they were able to deliver what I needed consistently. Whether it was a crafting product, a specialized tool, or clear instructions on how to use both, Woodland Scenics delivered in every way.

Such high quality is not without cost. While the video selection is completely free and offers a complimentary and virtually complete education on building scenic layouts, the products are slightly higher in cost than competitors. But that 10% extra buys you so much more being able to deal with a single company that always delivers the best vs. shopping for better deals on the Internet. And many Woodland Scenics products, such as their N scale buildings, proprietary Just Plug lighting system and Earth Colors paints, have no real competition. They are unique. And I can attest everything I’ve purchased from Woodland Scenics (and in the months I built my layout, I’ve purchased hundreds of products and spent thousands of dollars) has been worth every single penny.

One thing about the Woodland Scenics website is that it can be overwhelming, especially to someone who’s inexperienced with crafting products. Where do ya start?? You start here:

Woodland Scenics Complete Guide to Model Scenery is THE BEST How-To Book on creating scenic train layouts.

The Complete Guide to Model Scenery is the definitive and comprehensive guide to using Woodland Scenics products, tools and techniques. The guide establishes a step-by-step blueprint that complements with video training in a unique and remarkable way.

Chapters are color coded for organization!

It costs $20, which might seem pricey for a guide that also serves as a catalog for Woodland Scenics products. I can tell you it has been worth every penny to me, and I’ve used it almost every day I’ve been creating my train layout. Even the manual itself is high-quality, spiral bound to sit flat on the layout as you consult it and tough enough to resist water, plaster dust, etc.

This is how I learned to make scenic layouts…
…like this

Once I discovered Woodland Scenics and invested in this manual to guide the production path, I knew I was going to make a unique and perhaps magnificent layout. The Woodland Scenics method would not be the cheapest method, nor would it be the fastest (which I’ll explain later.) But it was the BEST and most high-quality method, hands down!

P.S. I believe that there is a new version of the Complete Guide to Model Scenery coming out soon. I’ll keep an eye out and I will get it when it’s available!

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