I Question my Permanent Layout with Bachmann EZ Track

With my EZ Track plan put together on the table, I saw for the first time what a decent amount of model train track looks like on a table. It’s a lot! Much cooler than the smaller ovals. I think I was using this plan at that time–

Red shows the feeders

And I still had two separate tracks, DC and DCC. I was looking for a way to go all DCC, but wasn’t sure how to combine the tracks just yet.

FEEDERS: So, EZ Track has 2 types of feeders; one is an 11.25″ curve and the other is a 10″ straight track. I originally had one of each running my two tracks. As I was doing my research, I saw that permanent layouts should have a bunch of feeders (exactly how many are needed varies depending on who you talk to.) But I knew I certainly was going to need more than the EZ Track was going to allow. Also, the power packs only have a jack for one feeder, with no way of adding more without wiring it yourself (which I wanted to avoid.) I did try to incorporate 2 more feeders (2 per controller) in red shown above, knowing I could handle that simple wiring job.

TURNOUTS: I had 2 Bachmann turnouts, a RT and a LT #6. The minute I saw those turnouts, I knew I was gonna be disappointed.

Bachmann Turnout with manual switch

They look flimsy and toy-like. And the switch– that does not look fun to throw at all. I wired them up to the track and, they didn’t work. I mean, they made a power buzz sound, but the track thing didn’t change consistently. And when it did, the trains always caught on it or stopped after crossing it. It was really frustrating. I read online that turnouts need power to each leg of the turnout so I knew I was going to have some serious issues with EZ Track.

PIER SET: I got a Bachmann Pier set for the figure-8 portion of the inner track. It was challenging to set them up in the space I had allocated, because the grade got too steep too fast and caused the trains to falter. So I was frustrated with that as well.

I had already decided that I needed to upgrade my control to something other than the limited-functionality of EZ Command. Now, the EZ Track itself was presenting very big problems. I had been really attracted to EZ Track’s ease-of-use and integrated roadbed. But I knew this layout HAD to have working turnouts and pier-supported elevated track!

I got back on the Internet, hoping there was a track solution that would fit my needs.

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