Learning the N Scale Ropes with Bachmann Starter Sets

I continued to use my Bachmann set-up to learn about modern N scale trains with DCC and how I can grow in the hobby. One of the first things I learned was that although Bachmann EZ Track was easy to put together, it was also easy to put together incorrectly. The joiners need to be aligned carefully and even then, I noticed misalignments were common, even when I was a careful as I could be. Another thing I learned about EZ Track is that it needs to be very, very clean to work consistently. I totally get it, clean track is necessary for smooth train-running. I saw both these issues as reasons why newbies (especially young newbies) can get frustrated and give up on trains pretty quickly after the Christmas tree comes down for the year. Even on my simple oval, I needed to clean the track daily and that takes effort!

Bachmann starter sets with EZ Track come with a single feeder track/rerailer. The feeder/rerailer is an 11.25″ curve, which means that it is necessary to incorporate that radius curve in any EZ Track layout you build. Not such a big deal when you stick with the default oval, and a single feeder seemed to power the track sufficiently so that the locos could find their way around the track. Bachmann only offers one other feeder/rerailer configuration, a 10″ straight. That adds a little more flexibility, but not much. As I started researching more about N Scale train layouts, I discovered that multiple feeders are usually required in order for trains to work correctly. Since Bachmann’s feeder cables plug right into the controller, the system seems designed to accommodate only a single feeder– unless I wanted to cut and solder wires and plugs.

You MUST use 11.25″ radius curves!!
Unless you have room for this guy
Bachmann EZ Command with “TO TRACK” micro-plug

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