My Bachmann N Scale Train Starter Set Romance

With the combined Bachmann starter sets, Empire Builder (DC) and Whistle-Stop (DCC), I had enough locos and freight cars to keep my EZ Track oval pretty busy. I was already outgrowing my 8 feet by 30 inch table, but making it work with cardboard boxes on top because I NEEDED to use as much EZ Track as I had possession of. Even a slightly bigger oval MATTERED. This, of course, introduced me to a common sign of a blossoming model train addiction– I required MORE SPACE. That initial folding plastic table was already set up almost permanently in a corner of the room I was using, an extra bedroom that served multiple purposes in my household. As I threw more cardboard on top of it and made my oval slightly bigger, I kept telling myself this would be enough for me.

Bachmann Trains has the newbie N scale model train enthusiast market wired. They offer over a dozen DC starter sets, with a bunch of themes and both steam and diesel locomotives. They offer two DCC starter sets, the Whistle-Stop (steam) and the Roarin’ Rails (diesel). Bachmann is the only company I’ve found that offers full DCC train sets complete with locos, cars, track and controller– and priced so that a newbie can make the investment in exploring the hobby (around $300 with discount.) Of course, these are therefore the trains parents buy to assemble and run around the Christmas tree for their kids– and rightly so! The directions are clear and concise, the packaging is alluring as heck and the trains run right out of the box. While it took two starter sets to hook me into the hobby, it’s clear Bachmann knows how to appeal to the market of beginners.

More Beautiful Bachmann Packaging
This train set sells itself!
Bachmann’s Start-Up Directions are Crystal Clear!

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