James’ N Scale Train Layout Project— Episode 13: Complete 3×8 Performance Track!

Hey Everybody! I’ve just finished building my 3×8 N Scale “Performance Track” Train Layout, and I’m glad to share what I did! This project took me about 5 months to complete. It’s my second train layout; my goal in building this one was to do all the stuff I couldn’t do with my 4×8 Scenic N Scale Layout! I also wanted to build a layout that was perfectly flat and allowed me to run multiple long trains simultaneously. Another requirement was building a layout that’s easy to keep clean. This layout allows this! This 3×8 layout is semi-permanent. I chose not to glue the track or components down, in order to easily replace anything that wears out or breaks. The entire layout is built upon 3/16” closed cell foam rubber, which acts as a sound dampener/shock absorber and provides a durable padded surface that’s super easy to clean. The Performance Track isn’t right for everyone, but it’s perfect for me! Thanks for taking a look. If you’re interested, you can download the SCARM file and PDF track plan from my website, jamesNscale.com!

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