Bachmann Class J 4-8-4 Norfolk & Western #602 DCC-Equipped with Econami Sound

Bachmann #53251

I just wanna say a few things about this locomotive. It’s the first steam loco I purchased on its own, without a starter set. It was the second loco I purchased, after the Bachmann GP40 diesel that I love so much. And while running steam locos on my layout with my experience can be challenging, this loco has proven itself to be a hard worker. It can pull a respectable load up the grades and over the elevated S-curve without the assistance of a consist.

I originally got it because it offers the same DCC sound as the GP40, with the Econami Sound Package. The documentation on these sound decoders is clear, thorough and super helpful in understanding the capabilities of this train. The Diesel version and the steam version are different (of course) so it was valuable to me to have the technical reference on both styles.

This Class J 4-8-4 is beautiful to look at and yeah, the prototype loco never carries freight but on my layout, locos rise to the need to pull whatever I put behind them. As I mentioned before, I am not really that interested in maintaining prototypical operations with my trains; I just like to play with the stuff I have any way I want. That has been very annoying to some members of the model train community and I’m sorry how uncomfortable that makes some people.

All of the Bachmann locomotives and rolling stock I have ever purchased has been wonderful quality that has consistently run on my layout.

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