James’ N Scale Train Layout Project– Episode #4

It’s with Episode 4, launched on News Year’s Day 2022, that I started appearing in my videos. I realized people want to see the person behind the planning and even if they don’t, I wanted to have a documentation of what I looked like before I lose all my hair haha.

It’s great for me to see the opening footage of the layout in this episode, as the backboards were installed and cut with a foam cutter following the curves of distant mountains. Woodland Scenics Profile Boards made it super easy to create the backboard because the Styrofoam boards connect to each other with an innovative, temporary way:

Those little foam pieces keep the boards together for temporary placement. I recommend removing them after you’ve glued the boards together!

I also thought if one of those little Styrofoam connectors was good, that more must be better. I used a bunch and kept them on, even gluing them to the boards. If I was making my layout over again. I would use the temporary connectors, glue the boards together with a low-temperature glue gun and then remove the connectors altogether. They got in the way a bunch of times during the construction and I regretted using them after the boards were glued together.

It’s also cool for me to see the beginning structure of the water features including the waterfall area by the bridges and the guitar-shaped “lake” made with a Shaper Sheet. Gosh, that lake required so many changes before it was right! I laugh now when I see how I started that project thinking that Shaper Sheet piece was gonna work great.

Here’s Episode #4:

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