Bachmann EZ Track Plans and Purchase

Just to catch you up with what I’m doing on this blog, I’m going back through the last year to document my experience in building my first N Scale train layout. I should’ve started the blog then, lol, but better late than never!

In October 2021, two months after I got my first 2 Bachmann starter sets, I committed myself to create a permanent 4×8 layout. I installed SCARM on my PC and I spent the next month learning the software and building digital track layouts using Bachmann EZ Track. I loved the integrated roadbed of the EZ Track that came with the starter sets and I planned to supplement as needed to create a larger, continuous track. At this time, I was still opting to create separate DC and DCC tracks.

Here are some of my early 4×8 designs with EZ Track:

I sure like the crazy railways, huh

Beginner’s level work, huh! But still, I came up with what I thought would be a workable design. In November 2021, I printed out a final Parts List from SCARM (another amazing feature of that software) and ordered the needed EZ Track from the Bachmann Online Store. What I didn’t realize at the time (oof) was that everything on the Bachmann site is priced at full retail and available in a bunch of other places at a discount. In addition to the track, I also got three cool Blinking LED Bridges–

and a couple Railroad Crossing Gates–

So I dropped about $500 in EZ Track and Accessories, including extension wires, turnouts and other stuff I thought I would need for my layout. Once I was aware of EZ Track part numbers and pricing, I saw the same items were available on Amazon and online hobby shops for an average of 20% off.

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